Gazzopolis: 'RFC' looks back at Halloweening

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- The 171st episode of "Radio Free Charleston" is online now at the PopCult blog, and it's a doozy. This one-hour, five-minute compilation show features highlights from the first five years worth of Radio Free Charleston Halloween specials.Sandwiched in between skits, weird short films and animation, you'll find music from Unknown Hinson (the voice of Early Cuyler on "Squidbillies"), Hellblinki, an unplugged version of The Pistol Whippers, Whistlepunk, Flare Baroshi, Lil Guy and Go Van Gogh.
The episode also features excerpts from the elaborate Halloween host segments, with appearances from The Ghost On The Fire Escape, Celeste The Zombie Supermodel, The Big Buddy Trick-or-Treat kids, The Fairy Ghostmother, Dr. Henrietta Spliff and more.The cast list for this episode tops 60 performers, including members of The No Pants Players, the Contemporary Youth Arts Company and several other area musicians and actors.
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