FestivALL Fall house party mixes poetry with jazz and more

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The Clay Center will host a FestivALL House Party on Saturday, featuring local jazz giant the Bob Thompson Unit.
WANT TO GO?Late-Night House PartyWHERE: Walker Theater, Clay CenterWHEN: 10 p.m. Saturday
TICKETS: $10INFO: 304-561-3570 or www.festivallcharleston.com CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Art and exploration are very much a part of FestivALL. Most years, the city offers a few performances that are outside the usual club performances in Charleston.The fall edition is no different. On Saturday night, the Clay Center will host a FestivALL House Party, featuring local jazz giant the Bob Thompson Unit, along with R&B singer Cam P and singer/poet Jamela "North Starr" Brown.The late-night show will be a fusion of smooth jazz, R&B, hip-hop and spoken-word poetry.Brown who, along with her husband Salim, oversees the faith-based poetry organization Poetik Inspirationz, said, "Bob wanted to do a show where he incorporated some spoken word along with some other elements."Cam P is going to be doing some of his R&B stuff over top of the jazz, and they've got some hip-hop and rap stuff going on. I do spoken word and also sing -- and we're all going to freestyle a little bit."The show is geared toward fans of jazz, fans of the Bob Thompson Unit and people who love poetry. Brown said putting poetry with jazz or R&B with jazz isn't a new thing but that it's seldom seen here.She said, "We want to refresh people's minds and open them up to new things."
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