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Ten apps teens love

By Staff reports
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Games are fun, but they're not the only apps for your mobile device. If you don't already have them on your device, why not try these apps from FlipSiders and their friends? (See their favorite games here.)Unless noted, all apps are free. Their developers are listed in parentheses. The game name links to iTunes; the developer name to Google Play.
  • Facebook (Facebook)
  • "I get on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram daily, and they are all my favorite social apps. I have many others, but I don't get on them anywhere near as much as I do these three." -- Nikki Given, Valley High School"I'm addicted." -- Elizabeth Egnor, Oak Hill High School"It helps me keep up with my friends and family." -- Cassie Cotten, Valley High School"I can talk to my friends and family with it." -- Shane Hypes, Valley High School"You can contact people if you don't live near them and keep in contact with your friends." -- Emily Estep, Valley High School
  • iFunny (Okrujnost)
  • Description:  Image-based humor app "The pictures are funny and make me laugh!" -- Jessica Johnston, Valley High School
  • Instagram (Burbn)
  • "I enjoy taking pictures and being able to see other people's pictures." -- Jessica Johnston, Valley High School"The saying that pictures are worth a thousand words is true. It has pretty filters and good stories and funny bits without the whining and fabrication of Twitter and Facebook." -- Katherine Snyder, Winfield High School"You can see what everyone else is doing." -- Grace Byers, John Adams Middle School
    "You can easily keep up with your friend's activities by only looking at pictures." -- Frannie Salisbury, John Adams Middle School
  • Pages ($9.99, Apple) Not available on Android.
  • "Pages is a useful app for anyone with classes that require a lot of essays or papers. It lets you type out everything you want, and then print it out into the basic format you want it in for Microsoft Word." -- Ronni Lynn Wood, Scott High School
  • Pandora Radio (Pandora Media)
  • "It's a great way to listen to music continuously while studying, doing homework or getting ready for school." -- Emily Gould, Charleston Catholic High School
  • Pinterest (Pintrest)
  • "It gives me creative ideas that I can use from food to clothing!" -- Chelsea Shamblin, Poca High School"When I need a break from the college applications and studies, this one never fails to bring a smile to my face, elicit a laugh and piqué my creative interests." -- Emily Gould, Charleston Catholic High School"They have really good food recipes." -- Tessarae Thompson, Scott High School
  • Teen Vogue Insider (Teen Vogue) Not available on Android.
  • Description: A supplement to the magazine that lets you unlock special content, get shopping deals and more."It is a great way to find out great deals at some of my favorite stores, like Express." -- Lauren Campbell, Horace Mann Middle School
  • Twitter (Twitter)
  • "I love using Twitter!" -- Samira Shahbandy, George Washington High School
  • Wanelo Shopping (Wanelo)
  • Description: The name is short for "Want. Need. Love." It promises to "find unique products and stores you've never heard of.""It is a shopping app that brings all the cutest things from across the Internet into one easy-to-use app." -- Katherine Burgess, Winfield High School
  • YouTube (Google)
  • Description: It was once an included app on Apple devices, but now you must download it separately."I love listening to music and posting videos." -- Kristyn Conley, Hurricane High School
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