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Looking for new mobile games? Give these a try!

By Staff reports
Find FlipSide's list of recommended apps here. CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- There are more than 700,000 apps available in the iTunes Store, with more being added every day. So which ones do you get for your mobile device?Games are always fun, so we polled FlipSiders and their friends for their favorite games. Here are the answers we got. Maybe you'll find a new favorite somewhere in this list!Unless noted, all games are free. Their developers are listed in parentheses. The game name links to iTunes; the developer name to Google Play.
  • 7 Little Words (Blue Ox Technologies)
  • Genre: word gameDescription: Use the clues to figure out the words, then combine the letter groups to form them."It's a puzzle game that's a twist on crosswords. You're given a clue and how many letters the answer has, but you have to select from a list of letters in bundled groups and rearrange them in order to form the word. It's a fun challenge, and the initial game is free. Additional puzzle packs can be bought for $1." -- Nicholas Ransbottom, Home study
  • Angry Birds Star Wars ($0.99, Rovio Entertainment)
  • Genre: strategy/puzzleDescription: Angry Birds set in the world of "Star Wars," loosely following the film's plot."[It's my favorite] for the simple fact that it's "Star Wars" and Angry Birds." -- Chelsea Shamblin, Poca High School
  • Battle Cats (PONOS)
  • Genre: strategyDescription: Send your soldier cats flying across the battlefield to destroy your enemy's castle."It has really amusing/interesting game design and an intricate and good level of challenge." -- Katherine Snyder, Winfield High School
  • Bingo Bash (BitRhymes)
  • Genre: card/casinoDescription: Play a variety of Bingo games with your friends and other players.
    "I love to play bingo, and this way, I get to play with my friends." -- Tessarae Thompson, Scott High School
  • Boost 2 (lite is free, regular is $1.99; Jonathan Lanis)
  • Genre: tilt-controlled racing gameDescription: Avoid obstacles while navigating through a tubular racetrack"It is very surreal and trippy and also very 'Tron'-like in the way it is set up. However, it is so simple and so easy to play." -- Katherine Burgess, Winfield High School
  • Candy Crush Saga (, Hay Day (Supercell) and The Simpsons: Tapped Out (Electronic Arts) Hay Day is not available for Android; Tapped Out will be available on Android soon.
  • Genres: Candy Crush Saga - match 3; Hay Day and The Simpsons: Tapped Out - simulation/RPGDescription: Candy Crush - Match candies to achieve at least a one-star score and complete the goals set out at the beginning of the level.
    Description: Hay Day - Tend to crops and make and sell food from them, plus raise and care for farm animals.Description: The Simpsons: Tapped Out - Rebuild Springfield after Homer accidentally destroys it in a nuclear meltdown."All of them give you quests you have to do. In Tapped Out, you have to rebuild a town and do different things they tell you to do. Hay Day is similar to that except you are on a farm; you have to take care of your farm and build on it while they tell you different stuff to do. Candy Crush makes you complete a level by telling you what number you have to reach." -- Nikki Given, Valley High School
  • Flow Free (Big Duck Games)
  • Genre: puzzleDescription: Connect colored dots to form paths that fill the board without intersecting with each other."It tests you to see if you can connect all the dots and use every space." -- Grace Byers, John Adams Middle School
  • Fruit Ninja (Halfbrick Studios)
  • Genre: arcade/actionDescription: Slice through as much fruit as you can.
    "It's addictive. I always try to beat the top score!" -- Samira Shahbandy, George Washington High School"It's fun to play." -- Shane Hypes, Valley High School"It's fun and addicting, and everyone loves to play it." -- Emily Estep, Valley High School
  • Fun Run -- Multiplayer Race (dirtyBit)
  • Genre: arcade/actionDescription: Race your friends as animals in a forest setting."It's a fun, competitive game you can play wirelessly with your friends." -- Frannie Salisbury, John Adams Middle School
  • Happy Jump (Zero Degree Creation)
  • Genre: arcade/actionDescription: Help a jelly blob bounce across platforms while dodging obstacles and collecting goodies."It's very addicting, and the little chunk of Jello is cute!" -- Jessica Johnston, Valley High School"It's so fun to play because you have to challenge yourself on how far you can go every time, and you get to dress your character up." -- Nikki Given, Valley High School
  • Hill Climb Racing (Fingersoft)
  • Genre: racing gameDescription: Get as far as you can without flipping your car and killing the driver."Whenever I am bored, it is really entertaining to play." -- Ethan Powell, Horace Mann Middle School
  • Mancala FS5 (FlipSide5)
  • Genre: strategy/board gameDescription: Be the player with the most pieces in your scoring cup to win."It is a good way to pass time." -- Lauren Campbell, Horace Mann Middle School
  • Robot Unicorn Attack ($0.99, adult swim)
  • Genre: platform/survivalDescription: Guide your unicorn for as long as you can without crashing, falling or colliding with obstacles."It's fun and colorful." -- Cassie Cotten, Valley High School
  • Slender-Man ($0.99, Rory Harvey)
  • Genre: survival horrorDescription: Based on the urban legend about a faceless, shadowy creature who stalks children. Avoid him to stay alive."I'm obsessed with him." -- Elizabeth Egnor, Oak Hill High School
  • Temple Run (Imangi Studios)
  • Genre: action/survivalDescription: A stolen idol puts a pack of demonic monkeys on your trail that you must outrun."I can play it endlessly. It's addictive." -- Kristyn Conley, Hurricane High School
  • Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House (Last Day of Work) Not available on Android.
  • Genre: simulation/RPGDescription: Control a family, including helping them with their careers and redecorating their home."Honestly, I'm nerdy, and I'm into simulation games like the Virtual Villagers franchise. Virtual Families is fun and doesn't require constant checking on your family, which is great if you just don't have time for it." -- Ronni Lynn Wood, Scott High School
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