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Pretty Things Peep Show returning to Charleston

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Burlesque queen Go-Go Amy and her troupe of oddities, curiosities and rock 'n' rollers returns to Charleston when Pretty Things Peep Show performs Wednesday night at the Sound Factory.
Courtesy photo
While not exactly an event you can bring the entire family to, the Pretty Thing Peep Show offers a lot more than a little skin. Danny Vomit swallows swords and Lil Miss Firefly is the undisputed "midget of mischief."
WANT TO GO? Pretty Things Peep ShowWHERE: The Sound Factory, 812 Kanawha Blvd.WHEN: 10 p.m. WednesdayTICKETS: Advance $10, at the door $12INFO: 304-342-8001 or  CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Potentially signaling the coming of an early spring, the scantily clad Go Go Amy and her Pretty Things Peep Show return to Charleston Wednesday night for a show at the Sound Factory. After a short rest, Amy says the troupe is back together -- although battling weather and colds -- and rehearsing for a new tour.The gazz spoke with Go Go Amy and asked her what her show has in store for its visit Wednesday.  Q: It's been a few months since Pretty Things Peep Show was last in the area. What's new?A: "The biggest thing is we've added a live band. They're a three-piece band called The Peeping Toms. During the show, they'll play a few of their originals and then provide live music for the girls to work with."I think it's going to be a lot more exciting, more fun for us on stage and more opportunity for comedy. It's just a whole new dynamic." 
Q: What about the cast?
A: "We kind of have a revolving door cast [of] different people we bring out on each tour. This is to facilitate the performers' schedules and just to keep it interesting for our fans who come back to every show."This time around we've got Lil Miss Firefly, our fabulous midget. She's been to West Virginia before and has a new act. We have Vivacious Miss Audacious; she's from Michigan and does hula-hoops, contortionist stuff and has an amazing chair balancing act."All I can say is she's sitting in my living room right now doing yoga that I didn't know was possible."Heather Holiday, our sword swallower, is taking this tour off. She's actually in Australia for the next six months, doing a gig with the Spiegeltent. We're super stoked for her, but Donnie will be swallowing swords for us this time." 
Q: That sounds like a lot of people. How are you going to fit everyone in the RV?A: "We actually did get a tour bus. We did a Kickstarter and were able to afford to a buy a tour bus, which has real bunks and a little room to move around. We can just fit nine people and one dog in the bus." Q: You're bringing a dog?A: "Yes, my dog. She's essential. She's a terrier/Chihuahua mix. I rescued her off the street in L.A. five years ago, just before I started the show. I figured I'd find her a home somewhere on tour if she became too much. Five years later, she's still not too much yet."She's not in the show. She's more of a mascot." Q: You're starting this tour in the middle of flu season. With the traveling, how does Pretty Things Peep Show cope with illness?A: "There is no day off in show business. As much as it looks like we party like rock stars, we try to be as healthy as possible. We eat pretty healthy, take vitamin C and drink ridiculous amounts of tea."When you're traveling like this, when one person gets sick, everybody gets sick, but I've had to perform with colds and flus before. I broke my foot on one tour and had to still perform. You just grin and bear it."Once in a while, we might rearrange a set list if we have to, for safety. Sword swallowing is very dangerous if you have a cough, you know?"Reach Bill Lynch at or 304-348-5195.
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