Author's debut a heart-wrenching tale of teen pregnancy

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- While some shows and books glorify teenage pregnancy, Dusti Bowling, author of "The Day We Met," takes a different route in dealing with the topic.Her main character, 16-year-old Lenna James could've prevented what her future was leading to; she could have stayed abstinent. Like most teenage girls, though, she thought her romantic fantasy would become a reality, and now she's left to deal with the consequences of a single wrong decision.After ditching the Jesus freak life to try to act like the popular kids, she finds herself always ignored, always awkward. While at a Halloween party, she has beer spilled on her skirt. She tries to hide and finds herself alone in a bedroom with her crush, Aidan, who falsely admits he has liked her for a long time.Because of her bad judgment, she loses her virginity to him and is added to his list of one-night stands. If that isn't bad enough, Lenna learns she is late with her period. She doesn't believe she is pregnant, though.
Finally, because of her curiosity, she takes a test, and it comes out positive. Lenna is shocked and confused. She hates herself."The Day We Met" takes you on an emotional journey through the thoughts, hurts and fears experienced by Lenna, her parents and those who are involved throughout her pregnancy.Lenna is a brave and courageous young woman who learns at a very young age the lesson of how our choices can change our life in just a matter of moments. It is what we do about those changes that make us who we are.Dusti Bowling did an excellent job of writing a gripping story that is not only for those who are religious, but anyone who has struggled with bad decisions similar to Lenna's. This book isn't only for girls, either. Even boys can understand the heartache the males in the story feel. Any teenage girl should take the time to read this book to understand that one wrong decision in the past will change your future forever. And those who are looking for the religious message, Bowling writes that God is always there for us. We just can't expect him to come to us. We need to find him when we are at the point of falling from the edge.
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