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Supernatural 'Kiss and Make Up' is funny and fun

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- "Kiss and Make Up" by Katie D. Anderson is the story of a teen girl's journey to have her first kiss and get herself a boyfriend to study with. That might seem shallow and boring, but I promise it's not like that at all. Anderson turns something that seems so cliché into a paranormal love story in a way you'll never guess.Anderson crafts characters who are interesting, sometimes annoying and at times hilarious. They always keep you on your toes with their unexpected decisions and actions, and they keep you turning pages. Characters who are not predictable in any way make stories that much more interesting and fun to read.The main character, Emerson, is sweet, funny and endearing, even if she isn't the smartest girl in school. In her search for love and good grades, she grows up and becomes much more mature. She also proves just how much she adores lipgloss, which is something most girls can appreciate.
 Emerson's Aunt Arch, who happens to be the person who started Emerson's crazy love of lipgloss, is personally my favorite character. She's smart and tough, but at the same time, she's very loving.This is a book that teen girls really can relate to because it's mostly about things that pretty much all of us face every day: dealing with relationships and grades. Girly-girls will especially like this book because of all the references to different kinds of lipgloss and other makeup.When it comes to the paranormal aspect of the book, it's done in a way that the entire novel, settings and all, seem very normal. There are no far off places or strange worlds -- unless you would count high school, which is strange enough.Since the entire book is themed around makeup, especially lipgloss, the chapter titles are different shades and flavors of lipgloss that Emerson uses. I thought this was a pretty cool addition, especially after I realized that the lipgloss in the title would be used somewhere in that chapter. "Kiss and Make Up" is a book that's well worth the time to read. Emerson's exploits are a little silly, fun and comical, but the book is also suspenseful. I recommend it to any girl who enjoys reading.
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