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No Pants Players hope to add more members

Chris Dorst
The No Pants Players are looking to expand their roster with this weekend's auditions, not replace any of the current members, who are (from left) Adam King, Stuart Frasier, Tony Slack, Mandy Petry, Kevin Pauley, Jeff Bukovinsky and Brian Roller (not pictured).
WANT TO GO?No Pants Players auditionsWHEN: 7 p.m. Friday and SaturdayWHERE: Alban Arts Center, 65 Olde Main St., St. AlbansINFO: 877-467-7689 or www.nopantsplayers.comCHARLESTON, W.Va. -- It's hard to say exactly what the No Pants Players are looking for when it comes to new members. They don't know for sure, but they do have some ideas."Someone with money would be great," Tony Slack said."Or a shapeshifter," Adam King added, gleefully. "Think of the possibilities."Everyone thought that was a great idea."But definitely not a werewolf," amended Slack."Definitely not a werewolf," Jeff Bukovinsky agreed. "We just couldn't work with the lunar cycle. The scheduling would be a nightmare." But just about anyone else could give it a shot and try to join the area's only improv comedy troupe. The No Pants Players host auditions at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday at the Alban Arts Center on St. Albans' Olde Main Street.Auditions with the group, now in it's 12th season, are infrequent. The last were four years ago, when the troupe added King, Mandy Petry and Stuart Frazier.The group has also lost members over the past few years. People have dropped out of the group or moved on. The current roster includes Bukovinsky, Slack, King, Frazier and Petry, as well as Kevin Pauley and Brian Roller.The members say they're not trying to replace anyone -- though a few of them joke about dumping King -- but are just looking to expand. The current roster is seven, and with everyone's schedules, sometimes it's difficult to get everyone together for a show or event.And the group has a pretty busy schedule ahead. To start, there are adults-only shows at the Clay Center Walker Theater in April and Tamarack in May.
"They asked us," Slack said of how the latter came about.The No Pants Players are also part of FestivALL in June, though they're a little unclear as to what exactly they're doing."I think it's going to be bigger than other things we've done," Bukovinsky said.The troupe has been booked again for HallowEast in October, which happened shortly after its last show for that event.Aside from local commitments, the No Pants Players have ambitions to take the show out of town more and perhaps further than ever before. They're also interested in expanding the types of shows they do past the improv comedy games, which have been their stock and trade for more than a decade."We also want to do more videos," Slack said.
 They're even interested in entering comedy competitions, but to do most of that, they need more people."So we're not looking to replace anyone," Bukovinsky said. "We're just looking to expand.""We want to see what kind of talent is out there," Kevin Pauley said. "Maybe pump some new blood in, some new ideas. This is definitely about evolution of the group and where we could go."They're looking to add as many as three people to the roster, though they're not really trying to fill a specific number of slots. If they only find one new cast member, that would be fine."We're definitely looking at quality over quantity," King said.But more diversity in the ranks wouldn't hurt, the group agreed."I think we'd all like to see more funny women come out for the audition," Bukovinsky said. "We know they're out there; they're just not as visible."Not that anyone is saying funny women are actually invisible. They just want to see them at the audition.Reach Bill Lynch at or 304-348-5195.
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