Appalachian String Band Festival winners announced

By Staff reports
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- The 24th annual Appalachian String Band Music Festival was held July 21-Aug. 4 at Camp Washington-Carver in Clifftop. More than 4,000 people attended, and 20 musicians, 12 bands and 12 dancers took honors in the event's various competitions.The winners are:Banjo: 1st, Tim Bing, Huntington; 2nd, Andrew Fitzgibbon, Montrose; 3rd, Seth Swingle, Earlysville, Va.; 4th, John Morris, Ivydale; 5th, Mary Sue Joy, Hollywood, Md.Youth banjo (age 15 and under): 1st, Victor Furtado, Front Royal, Va.; 2nd, Trevor Hammons, Marlinton; 3rd, Rebecca Molaro, Asheville, N.C.Senior banjo (age 60 and over): 1st, John Morris, Ivydale; 2nd, Robert "Pete" Peterson Jr., Oxford, Pa.; 3rd, William Schmidt, Baltimore, Md..Fiddle: 1st, Clelia Stefanini, Elkins Park, Pa.; 2nd, Jake Krack, Marlinton; 3rd, Stephanie Coleman, Brooklyn, N.Y.; 4th, Leo Shannon, Seattle, Wash.; 5th, Rhys Jones, Warrenton, Va.Youth fiddle: 1st, Leo Shannon, Seattle, Wash.; 2nd, Noel "Kitty" Amaral, Elk Creek, Va.; 3rd, William Brauneil, Washington, D.C.Senior fiddle: 1st, Pete Vigour, Crozet, Va.; 2nd, Burguiere Polo, Ardeche, France; 3rd, Elmer Rich, Morgantown.Neo-traditional band: 1st, No. 47, Elkins; 2nd, Jubal's Kin, Longwood, Fla.; 3rd, Poor Taters, Athens; 4th, Second Hand Suits, Lancaster, Pa.; 5th, Davy Jones Evidence Locker, Montrose.
Youth neo-traditional band: The Mario Brothers Three, Fisherville, Va.Best Original Song: Second Hand Suits, Lancaster, Pa.Best Original Tune: No. 47, Elkins.Traditional band: 1st, We See It, We Take It, Montrose; 2nd, Old Buck, Greenfield, Mass.; 3rd, Bigfoot, Marshall, N.C.; 4th, All Day Breakfast String Band, Traphill, N.C.; 5th, Wild Coyotes, Pocatello, Idaho.Youth traditional band: Elm Street Alley Cats, Elkins.Old-time flat-foot dance (age 15 and under): 1st, Rebecca Molaro, Asheville, N.C.; 2nd, Victor Furtado, Front Royal, Va.; 3rd, Jeffrey Amundsen, Longwood, Fla.
Old-time flat-foot dance (age 16-40): 1st, Sarah Stewart, Charlottesville, Va.; 2nd, Alice Cade, Ketton, England; 3rd, Emolyn Liden, Asheville, N.C.Old-time flat-foot dance (age 41-59): 1st, Jay Bland, Kennesaw, Ga.; 2nd, Jan Scopel, Annapolis, Md.; 3rd, Jane Henderson, Bloomington, Ind.Old-time flat-foot dance (age 60 and over): 1st, Kim Forry, Annapolis, Md.; 2nd, Marilyn Branch, Kalamazoo, Mich.; 3rd, Kriss Sands, Mars Hill, N.C.
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