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Holiday buyer's guide for gamers: PS4 & Xbox One

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The PlayStation 4 was released Nov. 15 and the Xbox One on Nov. 22. As the systems are still in their initial launch phase, the game selection isn't the greatest, but there are still a few that would make worthwhile gifts.
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- The eighth generation of video game consoles is officially here! While Nintendo kicked off the new generation with the release of the Wii U last November, Sony and Microsoft have finally released their newest consoles as well (the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, respectively).As with all consoles in their initial launch phase, neither the Xbox One nor the PS4 have a particularly great selection. In fact, most of the titles that will make up the bulk of a gamer's library for either system will be multiplatform releases.Still, there are some fun exclusive games for each console. Use this buyer's guide to decide which game to ask for or to help you purchase a quality title for the gamer in your life.Xbox One"Dead Rising 3"The third entry in the "Dead Rising" series plays out exactly like its predecessors. Players are placed in a huge, open world environment that's full of the roaming undead, and they have three goals to accomplish: find a way to escape, stay alive at all costs and kill zombies in ridiculously insane ways.The combo system from "Dead Rising 2" returns, though now select vehicles can be combined together much like select weapons, which can now be combined on the fly. Players also now can choose what stats to increase when they level up, helping tailor game play to suit their style. (Rated M) 
"Forza Motorsport 5"While the PS3 crowd is getting their racing fix with "Grant Turismo 6," the latest in the "Forza Motorsport" franchise is delivering a next-generation racing experience solely for Xbox One owners. With the newly-enhanced AI and the ability to unlock and race 200 cars across 14 different circuits (admittedly a major decrease compared to "4"), players are sure to enjoy the white-knuckle races. (Rated E)PS4"Killzone: Shadow Fall"Developer Guerilla Games has shaken things up for the sixth entry in its successful "Killzone" series. Rather than the typical run-'n-gun approach gamers are used to, "Shadow Fall" places emphasis on stealth in its missions, which now feel much more open.Players are also able to use the new OWL, a remote stealth drone that utilizes the DualShock 4's touchpad and offers support in numerous ways, such as providing a temporary shield. Additionally, the well-crafted multiplayer the series is known for returns. (Rated M)"Knack"
"Knack" is a new 3D platformer directed by a pro of the genre, Marc Cerny, who is notable for his work on the "Crash Bandicoot," "Jack and Daxter" and "Ratchet and Clank" franchises. While the game's platforming is equal parts routinely standard and nostalgic, it's combat system is more action-oriented than most platformers -- no surprise, given Cerny's work on "God of War III." The titular "Knack" is able to grow in size throughout the game and can take on elemental forms, such as ice and wood. The game also features drop-in/drop-out co-op, meaning two players are able to enjoy this graphically gorgeous adventure. (Rated E10 )
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