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Meet Hurricane High School teacher Jennifer Weddington

Life isn't fair. Most people will hear this phrase a number of times throughout their lives. Nonetheless, people have the power to change that concept, or at least that is the philosophy by which Hurricane High School teacher Jennifer Weddington abides.Treating her students and fellow staff members at Hurricane with respect is important to her, as is made apparent through the way she interacts with people. Instead of just accepting the famous expression of unfairness as a fact of life, Weddington sees unfair experiences as opportunities for improvement."Fairness is my mantra," she said. "Fairness and fair treatment."Initially, teaching was not what Weddington planned to do with her life. Both of her parents were teachers, so becoming a teacher herself did not cross her mind.However, as a student at St. Albans High School, she knew that communication was her strong suit. Her interest in pursuing a career in communication sparked a dream to become a host on "Good Morning America."Weddington went to West Virginia State College to earn an associate's degree in communications and completed an internship at TV 8 (WCHS) in the newsroom. Through her internship experience, she realized that what she thought was her dream profession was not the line of work she was being called to perform."I thought I wanted to be on a talk show, but really I just loved talking with people," she said.Following her internship at WCHS, Weddington spent time working at TV 23, which later became Fox 11. A small part of her job was giving informative tours. These tours started out as a chore but became an enjoyable task for Weddington and an inspiration to make teaching others her permanent occupation.
Acting on this inspiration, Weddington earned her bachelor's degree in English education from West Virginia State College. She also earned her master's degree in communication from Marshall University with a Library Science Certification and later, a National Board Certification.Using these certifications, Weddington worked as a librarian and media teacher at Hayes Junior High School for two years and a literature teacher at St. Albans High School for nine years. She has been a language, literature and media teacher at Hurricane High School for the past 13 years.Along with a career that she said she adores, Weddington also adores her role in her family as a wife and mother. "I love my husband and children more than my own life," she said.She has two daughters, Jessica and Hannah, with her husband of 30 years and the love of her life, Tim Weddington. Her daughters are now grown, but she still has a four-legged son named Buddy to keep things interesting around the house.In her free time, Weddington likes to catch up on her reading. Some of her favorite pieces of literature include "The Thorn Birds" by Colleen McCullough, "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown and many works by D.H. Lawrence.Reading, however, is not her sole hobby. Her other leisure activities include watching movies, visiting rodeos, dancing and traveling.Although she found it very crowded, Weddington recommends a trip to New York City for those who have never been. "There is something beautiful about seeing so many people from all different nationalities getting along together in one place," she said.
In addition to her travels throughout the United States, she has been to the Caribbean, England, Scotland, France and Italy. One day, she would love to add Africa and Australia to her list.Wherever her travels take her, one thing is for sure: Weddingotn will bring her passion for communication and love of equality with her.
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