John Lennon deserves his legacy of greatness

On Dec. 8, 1980, five shots were fired that were felt around the world. Five shots aimed directly at a man who was greater than life: John Lennon.Fans across the globe shed tears when news spread that Lennon was shot by a man named Mark David Chapman. Even now, more than 30 years later, his life -- and death -- affects generations of people on this planet. Born and raised in Liverpool, England, John Lennon was a brilliant musician. He was also a great man. Today he is still a role model and an icon, remembered as much for what he believed in as for his music.He was an activist, and all he wanted was peace in this world. He sang about this in his hit songs "Imagine" and "Give Peace a Chance." Lennon was what some would call a flower child. He loved nature and believed that we could all get along if we tried. Sadly, he would never see the day where "the world will live as one." Lennon showed his spirit through his music, art, writing and interviews. He was part of the peace/anti-war movement, and his songs become anthems for it.
His power in the world scared Richard Nixon so much that the president's administration tried to deport Lennon when he was on American soil. Today he still has an influence on the world, perhaps even greater now than during his life.Lennon had close ties to family members and other loved ones, but he had even greater ties to his fans. He wanted to please them, to show them how he cared for and appreciated them.He was happy to sign autographs and never liked to keep people waiting for them. Just hours before he was murdered, he even autographed an album for the man who would be his killer.Lennon seemed to care about what his fans thought of him. He based a portion of his work and life on trying to be a better man, and a better musician, for them, as well as for his family.People love John Lennon for who he was but also for his being part of The Beatles. Unfortunately, his life ended without him and the rest of the band recovering from their breakup. Many people feel they would have been just as close as they had been before if they had only had more time.John Lennon might have been one of the greatest men who ever lived, and he has the honor, no, the right to be remembered throughout the rest of eternity. Every woman, man and child should know his name if not for the greatness he achieved, than for the music and bonds he created.John Lennon was the Eggman, the walrus; he was the man who should have died of old age, looking out on a world full of peace.
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