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Fighting the fear of freshmen year

Many of us are upperclassmen, but let's rewind to a mixed emotional ride for all of us: freshmen year. For some of us, this time with a new setting, classes and people was a whirlwind. For others, it was just a breeze.From those nerve-wracking butterflies early on to the pleasure of finally completing that never-ending first high school year, we can all relate to those who are experiencing their freshmen year right now. Recently, three Poca High School freshmen shared their fears leading up to the school year and their thoughts on what their first nine weeks of high school has brought them.Hannah Fields was the first to give her insight. Recalling what she thought high school would be like, she said, "All I could think as the days came closer was 'I'm gonna puke, I'm gonna puke, I'm gonna puke!' I couldn't believe that it was finally time for me to go to high school."Tyler Carter and Ara Arthur had a different experience. Both girls said their participation in marching band helped them blend into the high school scene and made the adjustment easier.When asked about some high school tales they'd heard, they both had stories to share.
"I was told that there was a third floor that had a pool," said Fields. "I was really hoping there was, but my sister, who has taken a class in high school already, told me it was just a lie!"Arthur giggled as she talked about her fear. "The boys on the drumline said that I would be shoved in lockers if I wasn't nice enough. I was scared that I wouldn't be for like that whole first week until I realized the size of the lockers."Having the first nine weeks behind them, the girls evaluated their freshman year experience so far."I've liked it a lot better than middle school!" Arthur said. "I'm so glad I did band because of the help with adjusting. They should stress a focus on summer activities for freshmen to help."Carter said, "It's 40 bazillion times better than middle school. I feel matured now that I've been given more freedom than I used to have. It makes you grow up and rethink just about everything."It's lacking a challenge," said Fields. "And even though it seems easier, it makes me want to go back to elementary school because before you know it I'll be out of here. It's kind of depressing, isn't it?"
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