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Teachers explain reasons for homework

The one thing kids hate most about school is schoolwork, but what do they hate even more than that? Homework.Teachers may assign it for many reasons, but exactly what are some of the reasons? Three English teachers at Valley High School shared theirs.Julia Brown has been teaching for 40 years. She said she assigns homework basically to review information and for her AP classes to stay ahead since Valley now works on a schedule with 45-minute classes instead of the block schedule. Though she doesn't like assigning homework and prefers the work to be done in class, she assigns it once to twice a week depending on the class."Assigning more than 30 minutes of homework is acceptable, but students may have other classes like AP that may cause homework to take longer," said Brown.Susan Kincaid, who has been teaching for 12 years, assigns homework a couple times a week. She said it's for reinforcement and to review in a practical way what students have learned. Like Brown, she noted that classes now only last 45 minutes, which is not enough time to review everything.
"I'm neutral when it comes to assigning homework," said Kincaid. "Considering many kids have other classes, 20 minutes is a very reasonable times unless it's a project or reading that's well in advance."James Vickers has been teaching for four years. When it comes to homework, he said that it just varies. He tries to give students enough time in class so they are not inundated with homework."I assign homework to further increase comprehension of necessary critical thinking skills," said Vickers.He believes teachers assign homework to reinforce the skills students learn in their classes. He also believes that there can be too much of anything (well, except money). This includes homework.When it comes to defining a reasonable amount of homework, Vickers said, "It's a relative question depending upon the class. Some classes will inevitably require more homework than others simply based upon the amount of material you are required to teach."Want to know why your teachers assign homework? Ask them and see! Then comment below and tell us what they said.
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