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Fill your break with dynamic days off

It's that time of the year again. Winter break is approaching fast, leaving many students to ponder, "What am I going to do with two weeks of boredom?" The first couple days are often enjoyable, but by day three of doing nothing but sleep and watch television, students are often dying to break the lazy routine.This year, however, can be different; the break from school is waiting to become an opportunity for productive activities.For those who are not actively participating in a winter sport, it is often difficult to get enough exercise during the busyness of the weekdays. Spending time outside sledding, building snowmen, having a snowball fight with siblings or friends or hitting up to the ice-skating rink are fun ways to stay active in the dreary days to come. Getting off the couch is a great way to stay busy without feeling guilty about the way time is flying by.As much fun as it is to get out and get moving, an active person can still reach the point of boredom throughout a long winter break. Not to fret, there are many other productive activities available to partake in. 
A day without school means extra time to spend taking care of oneself. Getting plenty of sleep, making and eating healthy meals and maintaining good hygiene should not be left in the lockers at school.When Jack Frost provides students with days away from the classroom, students can still benefit from doing a little studying. Some teachers love to assign homework over the break; students with such teachers should work on that first.For everyone else, there is nearly always an opportunity to learn. If there are no tests in class coming up, students can always study for the ACT or the SAT.Aside from studying and staying active, students can spend their break reading literature, working around the house, shoveling sidewalks, volunteering, cleaning their rooms, cooking meals for their family, applying for scholarships, making uplifting cards for those around them or practicing a talent or hobby.This is just a condensed list of the industrious activities that await the ambitious. It may sound crazy to work when the rest of the school is on pause, but staying busy while being constructive will bring a feeling of pride and satisfaction that television and Twitter rarely give.
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