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You're stuck in school, so make the most of it

Assuming that the average student spends approximately seven hours a day at school 180 days a year for 12 years, school easily sucks up 15,120 hours of a person's life. This does not include zero block, fifth block or college. What purpose do these 15,120 hours serve?The idea is that the more schooling a person has, the better educated that person is. Education is a powerful tool that can never be taken away from someone; however, some people finish school without ever gaining it. They go through the motions without ever really taking anything from the experience.Nonetheless, there are ways to steal that hard-earned education back from absent-mindedness and graduate high school actually having learned something.One seemingly silly yet effective way to do so is to try to sit in the front of the classroom whenever possible.  It may sound cliché and feel a bit dorky, but it actually does help students retain knowledge. This is because people who sit in the front of the classroom are less distracted, less likely to fall asleep, more likely to engage in class discussions or ask questions and don't have to squint to see the board.
Also, keeping notes, even when not required, can be a helpful way to pay attention to what the class discussion is covering. Studies have shown that those who write information down several times are more likely to retain it in their memory.If their schedule is a breeze, students should try to stretch themselves by taking an honors class or maybe even a few AP courses. Although they shouldn't take on more than they can handle, a little extra homework may be worth the extra knowledge they can gain. If classes become too hard, most schools offer some sort of free lunch or after-school tutoring program for students.If students have a teacher who isn't teaching in a way they can learn, gaining an education in that subject becomes trickier. Not to worry, though. Students usually can talk to the teacher in private about learning options that could help them better understand the material.If that doesn't help, start a study group. Finding a couple of classmates who can help each other understand concepts they wouldn't otherwise comprehend is a useful way to assist learning -- and it's fun!There are still more ways students can help themselves enhance the education they work so hard to receive. They can buy a review book on the subject of choice, visit the school library to further review a topic and use the school-provided planner to keep track of assignment deadlines and test dates.Although school isn't always the most exciting place to be, it is mandatory to attend, so students might as well get the most out of it they can. With a firm education, students can have intellectual conversations that are likely to benefit them for the rest of their lives.
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