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Abstinence vs. safe sex

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- It seems that the idea of having sex at a young age has become less taboo over time. With TV shows glamorizing the idea, many adolescents are confused or just unsure of the reality of the consequences.However, the consequences, for once, are not the discussion. Here, the discussion is whether schools should teach students to be abstinent or practice safe sex.For some people, teaching abstinence is preferred. This is often for religious reasons since in many religions, sex before marriage is sinful and forbidden. Other people prefer it because they just don't think it's right for adolescents to be doing things that they may potentially regret in the future.On the other hand, some people believe that teaching safe sex is a better method. Many of these people believe that trying to convince teenagers to be abstinent is a waste of time because some teens are going to have sex no mater what. Instead, they feel that teaching students to use protection, like condoms and birth control, will help keep them safe in case they decide to do it.
"Because of so many kids' home lives, I believe safe sex education would be much more beneficial than teaching abstinence," said Scott High School history teacher Cynthia Allred. "Teenagers are going to experiment."That doesn't mean abstinence shouldn't be taught within that as its own method of safe sex," she added. Biology teacher Donna Morrison said, "Abstinence and safe sex go hand in hand. It's, of course, preferred that young people abstain, but in the case that they don't, they need to be aware. I would teach them the dangers of not doing so, and hopefully they'll be smart enough to make the right decisions for themselves."During multiple open class discussions, almost every student and teacher expressed the same opinion. According to multiple sources, it's not about what is preferred anymore. Because sex has become a major focus during adolescence, teachers and role models should teach students in a fashion that will be the most beneficial for them.
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