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CON: Adoption, not abortion, is the best option for unwanted babies

Sarah Hopkins, Capital High School
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- When you bring up the subject of abortion, you will get several different opinions. Some people are for it while others are against it. Some think it's the mother's decision.I, myself, strongly disagree with abortion. I think every baby should have a chance to have a happy life, and if you kill the baby, then it loses that chance.Those who are for abortion are usually thinking about the mother's current condition. She could be too young, just a teenager. She could be unfit and in no way a good choice to care for the baby. She could have a permanent illness and is too sick to care for the child. She could have other kids and no time for the new one.I don't think there are any reasons that are acceptable to consider abortion, though, even if the mother has been raped. If rape is the case, I know that carrying a child for nine months would be a horrible reminder of the tragedy that occurred, but at the end of your pregnancy, you can give the baby up for adoption, creating something good out of the terrible situation.Those against abortion are usually thinking about the baby. Once a baby begins developing, it is a human being, though it doesn't look like we do. It has a beating heart and feelings. Doctors say that if the fetus has advanced eight weeks or more, it is able to feel a burning sensation and pain as the abortion procedure is being performed.The people who think it's the mother's decision more than likely don't think about the facts of abortion. But before a mother decides, isn't it acceptable to give her the facts and show her what happens during an abortion?
When it comes down to it, is there really any difference between abortion and murder? Even though the baby isn't fully developed when it is aborted, you are still taking away its chance to live.If someone had a baby, got pregnant again and wanted an abortion, would there be any difference between killing the one in the womb and the one that's already been born? Every abortion is one more heart stopped, two more eyes that will never see, two more hands that will never touch, two more legs that will never run and one more mouth that will never speak.Abortion isn't the only option. In fact, adoption, to most people, seems like the best answer.With adoption, the baby can find a new home with loving parents who would take care of it. It could grow up and have a good life.When a mother has an abortion, that baby will never get to experience the world. It will not be able to go to school, make friends, make mistakes, get hurt, fall in love or do anything that we do in our lives.Getting an abortion takes all these things away from your baby. Instead of doing that, consider adoption. It would be a good thing.
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