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PRO: Women should have the right to choose abortion if they want to

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- In 1973, the Supreme Court legalized abortion after the court case Roe v. Wade. Abortion is a safe procedure -- one of the safest there is in the U.S. and Canada. It should remain legal for those seeking an option other then to have their pregnancy come to full term.Abortion is an option to those who cannot afford to take care of a child, those who would lose their families or jobs if they had a child and other women who would suffer because of having a child, including, for instance, teen mothers.If a teenager becomes pregnant in today's society, she is judged for the rest of her life because of it. She may also have little support from her family or even be kicked out of her home.All teen mothers and fathers are judged. It does not matter how well they raise the child, how financially secure or happy they are, they will be judged for having a child while still in school. They will be known as the girl who got pregnant in high school or the guy who got a girl pregnant.Teens are judged enough on appearances and social stature in today's world as it is, so why would anyone want to put someone through that? And what if they aren't ready to take on the responsibility of a child?That is why there is the option to terminate the pregnancy. If they choose to, pregnant women should be able to have an abortion and be able to go on with their lives.Becoming pregnant in high school is almost always a mistake, but no high schooler -- no woman at all -- should have to have a child if she does not want it.
Some women who have abortions are in school trying to make something of themselves. Some are financially incapable of supporting a child. Some are not healthy enough to have a child.In some cases, the woman could possibly even die if she tried to have a child. It is not right to make a woman kill herself for something she doesn't want.Women should have the right to abortion if they wish, and one would hope the government would be behind giving women this choice, but instead some states are doing everything to stop it. Twenty states have unconstitutional and unenforceable bans that could outlaw abortion as early as the 12th week of pregnancy, with no exception to protect the woman's health.West Virginia is one of those 20. Our governor is pro-life, and 96 percent of our counties have no abortion provider. What gives a politician or government the right to tell women that they can't have control over their own bodies?Those who are pro-choice are not just for giving women the decision to choose whether or not they have an abortion. Most also support reducing the need for abortion by making birth control and contraceptives more available and improving ways for people to get the sex education they need.Those who are pro-choice support all women's decisions, no matter what they may be. They feel it is the woman's right to either terminate the pregnancy or let it come full term. If a woman feels uncomfortable and unsuited to be a mother, then the option of abortion is available. If she thinks she is ready to become a mother, then that is also her choice. Pro-choice supports either decision, as long as it is one that the woman herself chooses to make. All statistics come from NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation, which helps anyone in need of information about sex or abortion.
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