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Teen adjusts to life as new, single mom

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Teen mother Tonja Danberry holds her newborn daughter.
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- For most teen girls, a mom isn't the first thing they want to be. Every teenager has dreams and goals in life. Sometimes, though, pregnancy happens, and teens may have to put those dreams and goals on the back burner or speed them up in order to live the life they're about to have.Teen mom Tonja Danberry didn't plan on getting pregnant at a young age. She was scared when she found out, but after warming up to the idea, she loved knowing there was a little boy or girl growing inside of her.However, if she had the choice to go back and practice safer sex and not get pregnant, she would. "I don't regret it, but I wish I would have waited until I was financially ready," she said.The teen mom, who gave birth in December, believes that since getting pregnant her whole attitude has changed. She believes that in the end, it's made her a better person.
"I have a lot of plans; I want to make the best life possible for my daughter," Danberry said. "As soon as I'm healed, I'm going back and I'm getting my GED."In the future, she would like to see herself with a good job and a place of her own. That place won't include her baby's father, though, as he is nowhere in the picture. But that's not going to stop her from having a family to raise her baby around.Danberry currently lives with her grandparents and will raise her baby there. With their support and the support of her friends, Danberry will have love and encouragement in every decision she makes, and her baby will have a true family experience even without its father present. "Having a baby is the hardest but most rewarding thing that could ever happen," Danberry said.The teen mom added that she doesn't get to live the life she once had. She's now responsible for another person for the rest of her life. Getting pregnant isn't like the game of house you played when you were little; it's much more then that. Just ask any teen mom.
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