Scott High School senior is out and proud

Alyssa Canterbury, Scott High School
Scott High School senior Devin Green is gay. He got a tattoo to symbolize that he is at peace with who he is.
Devin Green is an 18-year-old senior at Scott High School. There is one thing about Green that sets him apart from many of his peers: he is openly homosexual.Green realized he was gay around the seventh grade. "I was always like this, but that was when I came to terms with it."Coming out wasn't as difficult for him as it can be for others, he said, but he's still had many struggles throughout his journey that he's handled as best he could. When he came out, many of his friends already suspected it, but he said being open with them felt good.Green came out to his mother at the end of ninth grade. He called her from school and asked her to pick him up because he needed to talk. "When I told her, she said to do what made me happy."Green feels lucky in his situation because his mother lets him be who he wants to be. Not all parents are as understanding.According to Green, everyone reacted differently when he decided to tell the world who he was. Only some of his close friends, mostly males, treated him differently after he came out.
"It did change the friends I had," he said. "I have more friends that are girls now."Otherwise, openly declaring his homosexuality hasn't changed anything about Green's life. He has always been forthright about who he was; he was just quieter about it in the past. Green is about to graduate, and in celebration of himself, he got a tattoo. It is a peace sign, colored in a rainbow, and it symbolizes his pride."I got it to confirm that I'm finally at peace with who I am," he said.Green is not ashamed of who he is, and he doesn't mind sharing his opinion about homosexuality with other people. "It wasn't my choice," he said. "I was born this way."Though some may disagree with that, Green doesn't mind. He knows he has friends who care about and understand him. Though sometimes things get hard for him, he continues to stay true to himself."I won't change for anybody," he said. "It's my life. If people don't like it, they can stay away. It's their choice." Not everyone at Scott is OK with Green's homosexuality, and he accepts the fact that not everyone is going to be. Green likes who he is, though, and that is what is important.    
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