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Fun phone apps to keep you entertained

Phone apps can be used for all sorts of things. There really is an app for almost anything you can think of. I constantly find myself saying, "I have an app for that." There are apps for games, business, social networking, education, music, sports and more. They can be really useful or just time-wasters.Right now the top paid app on iTunes is "Angry Birds Space." Just like it sounds, it's like the regular "Angry Birds," but it's set in space. It was released March 22 and sells for 99 cents.I'm sure almost everyone has heard of "Angry Birds." There are "Angry Birds" plush toys, blankets, t-shirts and much more. You wouldn't think flying birds trying to get their eggs back from green pigs would be a big hit, but it is. I have to admit that I love the game.For everyone who is obsessed with "The Hunger Games," there is an app for that, too -- and it's free! It's a game called "Hunger Games: Girl on Fire." In it, you help defend Katniss against the deadly wasps created by The Capitol as she tries to make it home to District 12. I am a little obsessed with the game right now.
The top free app on iTunes is "Draw Something Free" (hence the name). There is also a paid version available for 99 cents. "Draw Something" is really cool. You connect with another player, choose a word from the options and draw a picture of the word while your partner tries to guess it. Then you switch. Plus, if you have a Facebook account, you can play against your friends."Temple Run" is another obsessive app that's free. I constantly see people's pictures of their "Temple Run" scores on their Facebook walls. It's crazy how many people enjoy it so much. I wish there were a version where you could be the monkeys chasing the explorer instead of the explorer himself. That would be fun and definitely get people talking.Games aren't the only good apps there are, though. There are also many useful ones, including ones that come with your iPhone. For instance, I use my stopwatch all the time.What are your favorite phone apps? Let us know in the comments below!
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