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Books beat e-books, but any form of reading is good

Katherine Snyder, Winfield High School
Kids today don't read as much as teachers and parents want. When they do, it's mostly text messages and computer articles; rarely is it a newspaper or book.Today's society depends more on technology than paper products. Kids would rather have an iPad, tablet or other electronic device than an actual book because these can do more than what a book does. You can read e-books, but also play games, watch movies and listen to music. One advantage to e-books is the cost. They are a little bit cheaper than actual books because there's not the cost to print them, make copies and pay workers to bind, print and ship them to their destination. In that regard, I can see why people would choose e-books over regular books.However, there's always the chance that your device could crash. Plus, you're limited to the amount of space on your device with the amount of e-books you can buy. Actual books, on the other hand, will last a lifetime, and you can buy an unlimited amount.
Books are also a lot prettier than e-books, and they can tell stories of their own besides the story that's on the pages inside. I personally love the feeling and smell of books as well.You can take both books and e-books anywhere, but with books, you don't have to wait for a device to charge. Reading actual books is a little more relaxing, too, because you're not straining your eyes to read the little text on your device. You also can underline something in a book if you want to go back to it later for more information.Another advantage of books is you can buy them with any form of money like cash, checks or credit cards. With e-book providers, though, you usually have to use a credit card, so you're putting all your information online. If something happens, all of your credit information can get out for others to see.I'm not downing e-books. In fact, I got a tablet for Christmas, and I use it for reading. You just have to be careful with where you buy e-books and the device you read them on.In the end, though, it doesn't matter whether it's an e-book or a regular book as long as people are reading more.
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