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Scott High students find fun in small town

After the school bell rings, the last place many students want to go is home. However, for Scott High School students, hangout spots are limited. There aren't movie theaters or skating rinks; Madison isn't a large enough town to have the attractions that many teens seek.So what do students do? They improvise. Though choices are slim, there are still a few popular places in Madison that nearly all of the student body is familiar with.One of those places is Hacienda. The Mexican restaurant is located in the center of Madison, on Main Street."Everyone knows where it is," said senior Bradley Martinez, "and it's good food."Hacienda is one of the very few dine-in restaurants in the small city. The food, the service and the space it offers easily puts it on the list of popular hangouts in Madison.
Hacienda is not the only popular restaurant in town, though. Everyone loves McDonald's, right? In Madison, it is not the food or even the space that makes this fast food restaurant so popular. No, two important factors set it apart from the rest. The first is price; McDonald's food may not be the most scrumptious, but it is the least expensive. The other factor is that many McDonald's workers are Scott students themselves.Sophomore Samantha Sansom, 15, and junior Molly Jones, 16, both work at McDonalds. They say, "We see tons of kids from school every day. We know most of them."Despite the love most Scott students have for food, restaurants are not the only places where they gather. One of the most common places where they can go and hope to run into someone they know is Madison Park, especially during the summer. The park was thrilling as children, but as young adults, it offers a nice open place to picnic with a friend or meet after school."The park is a fun public place to hang out, especially in the summer," said Jaime Blosser, a 15-year-old sophomore at Scott. "There are almost always kids [you know] there, so when you're bored, you just go to the park and hang out."We who live in Madison have proved ourselves to be resourceful. Though our small town lacks the popular attractions that bigger towns have, we Scott High School students have made it work.
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