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Driver's education is a class worth taking

There's one great thing about turning 16: gaining the ability to get your license and drive. We all know that it's a huge responsibility that we take almost two years to prepare for, but how can we make sure that we are safe enough to be on the road?One simple solution is a driver's education course.You may think, "Well, I have a manual that gives me all the basic instructions, and I have Mom and Dad to help," but not everyone has that. I didn't because my parents didn't have time to take me out driving.At Poca, driver's education is a nine-week course that is broken into chapters based on the state's driving manual. Most of the week is class study time, but once a week, you go out driving on the street. Another day you do range driving, meaning you ride around in a secluded area with other classmates who are participating in the same task as you. On your driving days, you are put into real-life driving situations.
This may seem like a breeze, but it wasn't for me. I was terrified of driving. It took me the first six months of having my learner's permit to prepare myself for the responsibility I had at hand. If it weren't for my teacher putting those keys in my hand and simply saying, "It's your turn," then I would not have learned the rules of the road so easily.Besides learning how to drive, there are other benefits to taking a driver's education course. If you're like me and still have your learner's, you don't need the 50-hour log sheet to get your license. You simply take your graduation card from driver's education with you to the DMV and you're clear. Also, taking the course deducts 10 percent from your insurance.There's only one downfall to the course, and that's fitting it in. Most schools require you to have certain classes in order to graduate, and this class sadly is not one of them. Those who are ahead with their graduation credits should take advantage of this class so as to become better with their street smarts. Those who can't take the course can find similar ones outside of school; unfortunately, they will cost a few hundred dollars to take.Driver's education may seem like a class that's an easy A, but in reality, it's a class that gives you all the information you need to prepare yourself from not only harming yourself while driving but also from harming others.
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