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'Dark Shadows,' 'Bel Ami' are two summer movies to see

I am someone who enjoys movies. From crime to comedy, the genre doesn't matter as long as it can keep my attention. Recently while browsing through Yahoo! Movies, I glanced upon two new movies that sound interesting.The first, which hit the big screen on May 11, is "Dark Shadows." Starring the one and only Johnny Depp, it is a comedy based on the 1966-71 soap opera "Dark Shadows."Depp plays Barnabas Collins, a 17th century vampire who awakens in 19th century Maine. He grew up in a wealthy family and was known to be quite the charmer, but he broke the heart of a witch, who turned him into a vampire.In 1972, Barnabas accidentally awakens to find that his once beautiful mansion is occupied by his dysfunctional descendants, who are completely oblivious to life. To his surprise, they are all holding dark secrets that will eventually come to the light.The film was shot mainly in the UK. It is rated PG-13.
Another movie that caught my attention was a new Robert Pattinson movie called "Bel Ami." It comes out on June 8 and is based on the 1885 novel of the same name written by Guy de Maupassant.At first, I just could not take Robert Pattinson seriously; the whole "Twilight" series completely scarred me with regards to him. But I gave this movie a chance and checked out the trailer. To my surprise, it looks amazing.Pattinson plays Georges Duroy, whose main purpose in life is to rise to power by manipulating wealthy, influential women in 19th century Paris. He is a classic rags to riches story, traveling throughout Paris using wits and manipulation to better his position in society. In the 1890s, when this movie is set, his mindset is completely normal.The movie also stars Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas and Christina Ricci. Thurman plays his secret love interest, Madeleine Forestier. Thomas plays Virginie Walter and Ricci plays Clotilde de Marelle, two of Mr. Duroy's other love interests."Bel Ami" is directed by Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod. The film cost nearly $12 million to make and was shot in such places as Budapest, Hungary and London. It was given an R rating for strong sexuality, nudity and brief language, so if you're below the age of 17, you might want to find an adult to take you.I believe these movies are worth checking out if you get the chance. These next two months, in my opinion, have extremely interesting movies coming out. Great Escape will be seeing a lot of me.
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