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Speedy supper: more teens eat fast food than home meals

When it comes to dinner, what do you eat the majority of the week: fast food or home-cooked meals? A group of 30 Scott High School students answered this question. Of them, 20 said they eat fast food and 10 said home-cooked meals. These results weren't really astonishing. How many people do you know who have such busy schedules that they are never home during the week? Those who play a sport or are part of an after school activity for the majority of their time are the ones who may be forced to eat out, whether they like it or not. When asked about his thoughts on the results, Scott High School teacher Matthew Stollings responded, "My thoughts on it are that many people are too busy to stand at the stove and cook a meal. It is much easier to go through the drive-through, but it comes with a cost." The teens who said they eat fast food eat it more often because it tastes good, the wait is short, the food is better and it makes them feel full. Fast food is tasty, quick and easy, but is it cheaper? "I have been cooking meals since I can remember, and I have found that it is slightly cheaper to cook rather than buy," said Charlotte Johnson.
Scott High School freshman Mackenzie Mitchell used to eat fast food all the time but doesn't anymore. "Ever since I was a little girl I have been involved in sports, and I have always eaten out on game night and practice," she said. "It was not until a few years ago I realized what it was doing to me. "Instead of keeping me full for the rest of the day, I was hungry within two hours of eating the food, and at that point I realized I needed to change my diet." She did. From then on, Mitchell has had her mother fix her meals before games and practices. Whether you decide to visit McDonalds or sit down at your dining room table, you have to eat. So have a seat and enjoy your meal.
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