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Make school cell phone use an incentive, not punishment

When it comes to using cell phones in school, it seems like every school has a different policy. Some schools allow you to use your phones after you finish your work, some only let you use them at lunch or between classes and others have a no cell phones allowed rule.More than likely, though, no matter how a school feels about phones, students are going to use them regardless.Some schools and teachers believe that allowing students to use their phones takes away their ability to learn. If students can use their phones, some would probably take advantage of it, and use their phone all the time, even when the teacher is talking. They may forget all about their work.However, not all students would be like that. Some would use their phones properly and not let them get in the way of their work.
Also, some students work quicker than others, so when they finish their work, they may not have anything to do. Allowing cell phones could change that. Some students would obey the rules and complete their work first, but others might not. To make sure they do, though, there could be a rule that students have to turn their work in before they can use their phones or make sure the teacher sees it and approves of the phone usage.Also, some people may work better if they have music playing to keep them focused. If they have their phone or an iPod, then they could concentrate a lot better on their written assignments and possibly get better grades on their work.The schools that don't allow phones or iPods to be used during school usually spend time telling students to put them away. They repeatedly yell at the students, telling them that they should turn off their electronics and put away at all times. In all honesty, they are just wasting their time by telling kids this.Usually when students get in trouble for having their phones out, they get mad about it and then they might end up not doing their work because of this. If schools just allowed phones instead of trying to stop students from using them, then more than likely more students would cooperate. If students aren't getting yelled at, then they won't get as fed up with school.Personally, I don't see what the big deal is with letting students use their phones. They should be allowed to use their phones after they finish their work, at lunch and between classes. If schools allowed the students to do this, then they wouldn't have to take so much time telling students to put it up or taking them away until the end of the day. Plus, students might even get more work done just to be able to play on their phones.
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