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Electronic infatuation: teens love their cell phones

Throughout the day, whether you are enjoying the waves of California or climbing the Appalachian Mountains, nine out of 10 times you will be carrying an electronic device.Electricity is what fuels America and its economy, and with electricity comes electronics. That family tree is endless, starting with the first light bulb in 1880 down to the new iPad 2 today.With so many electronic gadgets to choose from, which do you desire the most? Students at Scott High School recently were polled on the topic. The participants include five freshman, five sophomores, five juniors and five seniors. These 20 students were asked what they liked best: iPods, laptops, cameras, iPads, Nook e-readers or cell phones.The result was nearly unanimous: 19 of the 20 said they preferred their cell phones to the other electronics listed. The 20th vote was for a laptop. Freshman Paige Rollins explained her choice. "With today's technology, phones are basically all computerized handhelds with phone and computer software put together in one. Cell phones are personally my favorite because they have your everyday needs in a click of a button. Not only does it help me communicate, it also keeps me organized!"
In addition to keeping teens organized, cell phones also remind them of important dates, hold information for many contacts and can also connect them to the Internet. The Internet is of vital importance to our everyday lives, and being connected to it is important to freshman Katie Elkins."I am always connected to the Internet, and it is my life," she said. "Now that our personal cell phones are like a handheld computer, I am always updated on the world around me."Cell phones can keep us updated on each other, too. Many parents equip their children with cell phones to ensure the child's safety. Scott High School history teacher Brett Kuhn said, "In today's society, children, especially children who live in a big city or a small town, need to have some sort of device that ensures the protection of a child's well-being."Cell phones are more than just phones; they are devices that benefit humans in a variety of ways, whether it's to check up on friends or locate a loved one in time of need. These gadgets are truly special!
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