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Senior/underclassman couples plan for the future

With the end of the school year almost here, much of the focus is on the seniors and what they will be doing next year. But what about the underclassmen that some of them are dating?Anyone who has been in high school knows it is normal to date out of your grade level, so senior and underclassmen couples are pretty common. Since graduation is coming up and seniors will be going off to college or work, will their relationships suffer?Senior Jonathan Rankin and his girlfriend Kaitlyn Ferrell, a junior, are just one couple who have been thinking about what will happen next year. They have been dating for more than four years and are determined to stay together. Their big challenge in the fall is that Rankin is planning on attending college about two hours away from his hometown. Also, Ferrell does not plan to go to the same college when she graduates.
They plan to do their best to keep in touch once Rankin leaves for college. They'll utilize their phones for talking and texting, use the Skype-like application on their iPod and iPhone for face time and see each other on the weekends. Another senior/junior couple at Scott is Tommy Davis and Kiersten Sanders, who have been together for more than two years. Luckily for them, Davis doesn't plan to go very far away for his schooling, so distance won't be a problem. He plans to go to a local community college for the first two years, and then go to Marshall afterwards. Sanders plans on going straight to Marshall, so Davis will follow her there a year later. "Since he won't be far, we'll be able to see each other often," said Sanders.These couples are just two of the many senior/underclassman couples that will be going through some hard times next year. Since they will be far away from each other, they will have to work together to keep their relationships going. A long-distance relationship requires trust and love, which is something any healthy relationship needs anyway.
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