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Seniors ready for final year of high school

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- For the Class of 2013, senior year is quickly approaching, and with it comes excitement and worries. While some students may dread the year and worry about what it will bring, most students are excited for it and ready to graduate."The thing that I am looking forward to the most about senior year is spending time with my friends in school," said Valley High School senior Hunter Hughes. "It's our last year, and I won't be able to see everyone as much once we graduate. I want to try to spend as much time with everyone as I can.""I worry most about all the tests and what it will be like after we graduate," said Michaella Kincaid, another Valley senior.Senior year is usually considered the most important year of high school. At the end of it, if students' grades are good, they graduate and are finally done with high school. For some, this means they are finished with schooling for good. However, most high school graduates go on to college.That can bring a lot of worries. Not only do seniors have to worry about finals and their GPA, they also have to worry about searching for the right college, filling out applications, applying for scholarships, getting recommendation letters and more. Some seniors may even still have to take the ACT or SAT."What I worry about most is being able to keep my grades up," said Valley senior Cate Brouillard, who added that she is eager for the academic challenge of senior year."I most look forward to the AP classes I am taking so that they can help prepare me for the following year when I go to college," she explained.
In addition to schoolwork, some seniors are involved in sports and other extracurricular activities, so they must juggle those with classes and the responsibilities of senior year. That's the case for Valley senior Javin Thompson, who plays volleyball, basketball and softball."My parents actually make a deal with me at the beginning of each year, saying that if I work hard and keep good grades, then they let me play, but if I start slipping, then I have to miss practice," Thompson said. "It makes me really work hard and study because I live for sports, but I know that academics come first."Two things many seniors look forward to are homecoming and senior weeks. These allow the seniors to dress up and show their school spirit one final time."Homecoming week is going to be the best way to start out senior year," Brouillard said. "You get to act like a fool, but it will be a week that will mark a big step in our lives. It will be one of the last times we get to act like children.""Homecoming week is going to be killer!" exclaimed Izabella Little. "I plan on going all out and having the best year I possibly can with all my friends!"One problem with senior year can be "senioritis," especially during the second semester. This means students start getting lazy as they wish for graduation to come."Senioritis is something that all high schoolers suffer from," said Nitro senior James Harrah. "I plan to beat it by embracing all the memories I make this year and to be actively involved in anything that I can."Why wish to waste away senior year and dread going to school and suffering from 'senioritis' when this is my last year in high school?" he continued. "I plan to beat it by making tons of memories and waiting for a new chapter of my life to present itself, not by wishing for it." During your senior year, remember to stay focused, get your work done and prepare for life after graduation. However, since it is your final year of high school, also have some fun and make sure your school never forgets your senior class!
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