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Are teens over Facebook?

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Facebook has been a great way for people to communicate with lots of people at once as well as keep up with old friends, but is it getting old?Some Facebook users say it's due to the company selling stock (which puts more pressure on it to make more money); others think it is just not cool anymore. Either way, many people agree the social networking site is going downhill at a slow pace."I guess it used to be fun," said Horace Mann eighth grader Rochelle LaChance. "Now they changed it so much, it's just kind of annoying."The biggest annoyance? Timeline."Timeline is really annoying!" she said. "You can't scroll through a wall easily!"Many people's Facebook accounts have personal information on them, and you can find out a lot with just a person's name and city. This can lead to stalking, which has caused Facebook to lose members, especially in the younger crowd."It is a place for people to stalk each other sometimes," said Halie White, a Horace Mann eighth grader, who admitted she's done that.
"Yeah, I use it to stalk people, and people use it to stalk me I guess, too."Also, now some users complain that all you see on Facebook anymore are pictures or statuses that say things such as "lms (like my status) if you have blue eyes" or "wearing your hair in a ponytail, lms if you do this." The people who post these things normally have thousands of friends, so they spread easily.If one or more of your friends like the picture or status, it shows up on your wall, so you see it even if you're not friends with the person who posted it. Then, it ends up that you're not just looking at your friends' posts, but posts from many others, too."Sometimes pictures of bands and things show up [on my newsfeed] because a friend of mine liked it," White said. "It's OK, but gets boring."On Oct. 1, 2010, the movie "The Social Network," about the creation of Facebook, was released. That's been two years ago.When the film came out, Facebook was really popular, but the site is getting older. It started on Feb. 4, 2004, making it nearly nine years old. That's a long time for this type of social business.Now, Facebook is competing with many other popular apps and websites like Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Still, it is hanging in there, topping all of those with about 750 million views each month. Facebook will probably stick around for a few more years, but most likely will end up like MySpace after that -- everyone knows what it is, but no one uses it anymore.
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