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'The Boy in the Striped Pajamas' (poem)

By Haley Lambert

George Washington High School

The boy named Bruno was filled with curiosity.

He soon left Berlin with his family.

The dark grey "home" did not contain any light.

Instead, it was filled with sorrow and fright.

He searched and searched until he finally found joy

For, behind the wired fence, there was a small boy.

With the touch of their hands, a bond was made,

And right at that fence, their friendship stayed.

For months they talked at the edge of the lawn

But they took a wrong turn, and then they were gone.

Inside Auschwitz, they saw a life of gloom,

Then, they were pushed and shoved inside of a tomb.

They walked in a line, along the concrete floor,

And left their pajamas outside of the door.

Inside the tomb, they all gave a shout,

Then, there was silence, for the lights went out.


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