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Survey finds chewing tobacco the top dating deal-breaker

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Dating in high school can be stressful, especially when you think there is something about you that is an automatic deal-breaker. Maybe your hair is too frizzy, or your face is covered in red blemishes. Walking down the hallways at school, it is hard to not look at a cute boy or girl and ask yourself, "What is there about me that he or she may not like?"Teenagers can be very picky when they consider who they want to be friends with, let alone who they may date. The tiniest quality could be the one thing your crush hates.So what are common dating deal-breakers? Approximately 20 students at Hurricane High School revealed their opinions in a recent anonymous survey, which asked them to identify which on a list of items would be deal-breakers for them.Something that doesn't seem to matter at all is bad grades. Granted, some students care about their grades, but does that mean their boyfriend/girlfriend has to be a straight-A student? Apparently not. Some of the students surveyed stated that bad grades could be fixed, so it wasn't an automatic deal-breaker. None of the students marked this as a deal-breaker.Next on the low end of the list was partying. Why? Was it that the participants in the survey didn't care or maybe that they liked to party themselves? Only those people know the answer, but it apparently isn't as big a deal as some of the other options were.Drinking alcohol seemed to be only a little more of a deal-breaker than partying. It tied for fourth place with past girlfriends/boyfriends.
Past relationships can be problematic; some people may choose not to date someone based on the type of person that person has dated in the past, how he or she acted with that person and if he or she is still closely involved with someone from one or more of the previous relationships.Another tie was for smoking and lack of common interests. In high school, it is common for some students to experiment with drugs, tobacco and alcohol. When it comes to dating, smoking is a big no-no for some people.Also, if you are considering dating someone, it makes sense to have some common interests. If there are no common interests, the relationship will most likely become boring and end.The deal-breaker that came in second was if the person has a mugshot. Outlandish, yes, but it is better to be safe than sorry. People who are interested in a relationship most likely won't want to date someone who has been arrested and maybe has a criminal record. It seems like a reach for this to be relative to high school students, but it can happen. It is better to be sure of the person you are considering dating.Given the requirement to check at least one deal-breaker on the list, the most common was chewing tobacco (also known as dipping snuff), with nine votes. This isn't a big surprise. Some girls don't want to kiss, or even get near, a boy who has snuff in his mouth; they find it repulsive. Sadly, the same principle applies to boys, too. Believe it or not, some girls dip snuff.So, there you have it. These classic dating deal-breakers may make or break your next relationship.
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