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Religion plays role in belief of angels

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Angels are a curious subject. The same questions have been asked an infinite amount of times about angels: what are they? Are they real? What is their purpose? Do we all have a guardian angel? Do people believe in them?Some have been trying to prove or disprove the existence of angels for decades, but there is no definitive proof. Is it that they are too holy to be proven? Much like God, are they something people believe in because their religion tells them to? Were they conjured from folklore or myth?Angels -- like ghosts, demons and aliens -- are something you must make your own judgment on. This judgment can be based on several factors, including, as stated above, religion.Angels have long been associated with the Bible, God and Jesus Christ, so if teenagers do not believe in these things, are they going to believe in angels, which are so heavily related to these subjects? Probably not.Scott Moore, a junior at Winfield High School, said, "I do not believe in angels because I do not believe in heaven or hell."
When asking whether or not teens -- or people in general -- believe in angels, though, we actually have to dig deeper than just the question itself. You cannot answer with a simple yes or no; you must truly look within yourself. You might say, "Well, I believe in angels. Does this also mean I believe in God?" It is not a simple question, but a contemplative one.Brittany King, a senior at Winfield, said, "I guess I do believe in angels. There are some miracles that occur in which I would think some positive force was involved, and I guess I would associate that positive force with being an angel."This isn't necessarily related to religion. The positive force she speaks of could be like karma or perhaps a guardian angel watching over her.Again, belief in angels is subject to many factors, not the least of which is religion. Maybe angels are holy figures flying about with wings and halos, or maybe they're just something to associate with good energy and good luck.Some people say, "You've got luck on your side." Others say, "You must have a guardian angel." These mean practically the same thing, but it all depends on the person as to which he or she believes.
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