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Despite other options, teens still illegally download music

CHARLESTON, W.Va. --  It's the 21st century, and almost everyone has some type of MP3 player. Pretty much all the teens you ask will tell you they listen to music and that they download it in one way or another. Is one of those ways illegally?There are plenty of ways to buy your downloaded music, including through iTunes or Amazon. At the same time, there are also plenty of other ways to download things without paying, by using websites or apps. Either way, it is easy to download music to a computer, phone or other device.In the past, there were a lot of teens who illegally downloaded music pretty regularly. They normally did it because it was simple and completely free. But do they still do it?"I know teens that still illegally download music. I honestly think that they shouldn't because they need to give the artist some credit," said Scott High School junior Chellsy McCoy.
"Teens illegally download music a lot. It is getting easier to pirate music, and many teens are using this fact to their advantage," said Scott senior Gage Chambers. "Downloading music and many other things illegally will always happen."Senior Alex Sperry disagreed. "I believe downloading music illegally had become irrelevant. Teens have realized that tracking the downloads is now easier and the risk of getting caught is not worth it. In our day and age, we should know right from wrong."Anyone with a computer, or any other electronic device with an Internet connection, can download music. It's easy, and it's fast to do. The hard part for some people is deciding which way to do it.It's really easy to just go to iTunes or another trusted company to download music for a price, but it is just as easy to go onto a website to download something without paying. When it is as simple as getting an app on your phone and downloading a file, illegal downloading is a big temptation for a lot of teens. If it were harder or took more time to download music illegally, teens might not be so apt to do it.Judging from the teens I spoke to, it seems like quite a few teens download music illegally. Of course, there are probably just as many out there who don't. Either way, one thing is for sure: it has never been easier to download music.
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