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With smartphones, use of other devices decreases

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Teens are less likely to use single-function devices like alarm clocks, cameras or music players when they have smartphones, which do all the things those items do and more.
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Everyone knows that smartphones can do just about anything. They have alarm clocks, music players, cameras and more.A lot of teens now have some kind of smartphone, so are they using any of their old electronics anymore? It seems like the answer is no. When everything electronic that you might need is in one device, why use anything else?"Teens use smartphones over most technology because they have everything in one," said Quintin Hager, a freshman at Scott High School."Teens use smartphones mostly because they can be taken everywhere, and most teens are never without their phones," pointed out Scott sophomore Kaitlyn Jarrell.With alarm clocks, an alarm on a smartphone might be better for teens since many of them always have their phones. Some teens are so connected to their phones that they wake up as soon as their phone goes off. "I use my phone mostly because my alarm clock barely works," said Scott senior Tahnee Thompson. "Plus I can put more than one alarm on my phone. By just randomly adding them over time, I have around 50 alarms saved."
Our current technology also makes it easier to completely get rid of CDs. You can download everything straight from the Internet."I have a few CDs, but I primarily use my iPod for music and an alarm," said Kyle Mosley, a junior at Scott.Current technology is slowly making older versions of technology more and more obsolete. When you can use one item for multiple things at once, it makes more sense to do that then use a lot of different devices."I just use my phone for everything, or I did until my phone broke," said Scott senior Dakota Workman. "I don't know what to do for things now. My phone has been broken for a week now, and I've been lost."Teens are so dependent on their smartphones, and they use them for pretty much everything imaginable. They don't really use other electronic devices if they don't have to.Of course, if they don't have smartphones, they have to."[Teens] mostly use smartphones, but some people don't have smartphones, so they go old school," said Scott freshman Jeremy Cabell.
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