Most teens say no to plastic surgery

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- It used to be that not many people could afford plastic surgery. Now though, it's getting easier to afford, and more and more people are getting procedures done. It's become popular to get certain surgeries.Using plastic surgery, people can change how they look. They can become completely unrecognizable or get little things done that barely change their outward appearance.Quite a few people use plastic surgery for purely cosmetic reasons. However, others use it to correct medical problems or for reconstructive surgery after a serious accident.There is a risk of infection with plastic surgery. Plus, the procedure and the recovery both are painful experiences. Some of the procedures themselves are pretty risky, too.With all of these things to consider, would teens ever get plastic surgery? Most teens asked at Scott High School said no.Senior Maggie Sumpter, junior Kathryn Blethen and sophomore Shawn Estep all said they wouldn't get plastic surgery.
Senior Jessy Blankenship was also a no. "I'm happy with the way I look," she said.Junior Kristin Jarrell said, "Not really. There's a high risk of getting infections, and something could go wrong in a surgery."Freshman Austin Childers was the only teen who would get plastic surgery."I would get some of my fat taken off," he said.Though the teens interviewed were overwhelmingly against plastic surgery, in the end, it's all about personal preference.If you are someone who is seriously considering getting plastic surgery, research the procedure to see what risks are involved and what could go wrong in or after the surgery. You want to know everything you can before you decide to have it done.  Also, if you are really considering plastic surgery, be sure that the procedure you're getting is one you truly want deep down and not just something you want right now.
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