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Riverside freshman balances schoolwork, three sports

Aaliyah Jones, Riverside High Schol
Riverside High School freshman Cameron Mullins is a three-sport athlete. He plays football, basketball and baseball.
By Aaliyah Jones, Riverside High SchoolCHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Every new season offers different school sports. Fall sports are football, volleyball, boys and girls soccer, cross country and cheerleading in the fall. When winter arrives, it's time for wrestling and boys and girls basketball. With the spring, there are softball, baseball, tennis, track and archery. When you play a sport, you must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA to keep your spot. This teaches student responsibility. For some, it is hard enough to keep up with one sport and schoolwork, but there are others who can juggle more than one sport and the minimum GPA. One of those is freshman Cameron Mullins. Mullins, who hovers at six-feet tall, plays football, basketball and baseball. He has been playing multiple sports since he was in sixth grade at DuPont Middle School in Belle and has always maintained the required GPA. In football, he is a wide receiver. He started on the junior varsity team, then moved up to varsity in seventh and eighth grade; he played on JV for Riverside this year.
During the winter, he is a center on the basketball team, playing on the freshman, or JV, team. Currently, he's playing left field for the JV baseball team. He also plays summer baseball. Last year was his first year; he played on the Warrior travel team. Cameron began playing these sports to keep him active year-round and experience chances to gain new friends in middle and high school. Now that he has reached high school, sports are a segue to getting scholarships in the future. This year has been difficult, he said, but he has maintained balance with sports and work. Now that he's in high school, he has to be more dedicated in both than he was at DuPont. It's worth it, though. "I think that the sports are a lot more fun and enjoyable in high school," he said. In addition to his current three sports, Mullins said he might take up a new fourth one his sophomore year. He's considering joining the track team. Cameron Mullins' dedication is admirable. He keeps up with his grades on top of his games and practices. He is worth watching if you get the chance, and he's a role model for kids who want to participate in more than one sport.
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