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Summer movie preview: five movies to see this month

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One of this summer's highly anticipated movies is "Monsters University," a prequel to the 2001 Disney/Pixar hit "Monsters, Inc." It comes out June 21.
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- It is summertime! That means time for vacations, beaches and pools, for little kids to run and play and for teens to make plans to hang out with friends every day. One great way to hang out is to go to the movies, and you're in luck because there are some great movies coming out in theaters this summer.Here is a look at some of the ones this month:First, "After Earth," starring Will and Jaden Smith, opened Friday. This action-packed adventure is rated PG-13 and takes place 1,000 years in the future. Will and Jaden's characters are father and son Cypher and Kitai; they are on a mission on Earth, which has been abandoned. When Cypher is hurt, Kitai must venture through the empty land to get help.Wondering whether Kitai will succeed or where Cypher will end up? Then go see "After Earth" at a theater near you!"Now You See Me," also rated PG-13, opened Friday, too. It is a comedic crime thriller that will enthuse and excite the mind. It's about an FBI agent and a detective tracking a gang of illusionists. But they're not just your average birthday party magicians -- these illusionists rob banks during their performances and give the money to their audiences!Want to be a part of the heist? Go get your gang of friends together, and see this movie!
On June 7, get ready for "The Purge." This 85-minute, R-rated, horror-packed thrill ride will terrify you. It shows a new America with low crime and unemployment rates, all due to one night of the year: a 12-hour period called The Purge, where all crime is legal. People can go out and do anything for those 12 hours, and no police, ambulance or fire truck will come to the rescue. In the movie, one family is terrorized for keeping the target of a murderous group in their home.Are you ready for "The Purge?" Head to the theater to see if your nerves can handle it!On June 21, the only screams will be of laughter when "Monsters University" comes out. It is a G-rated prequel to the Disney/Pixar movie "Monsters, Inc." that showcases the relationship between Mike and Sulley before the best friends became best friends.Get ready for the backstory of the college days of the two bound-to-be friends by watching the original. Then, gather your friends and the kids you know, and go see this exciting prequel!Finally, are you ready for June 28? That's when the PG-13-rated "White House Down" comes out. It's an action-packed drama, flavored with thrills and dashed with some comedy. Channing Tatum and legendary comedian/actor/singer Jamie Foxx are the stars; the dynamic duo endeavors to keep the President (Foxx) safe when the White House comes under attack. Tatum is a policeman who happens to be there on a tour with his daughter, who is also in danger when she's held hostage by the invaders.Get prepared for plenty of action, and go find out the end results of Fox and Tatum's efforts!There are plenty of other good movies coming out this summer, too. What are you excited to see?
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