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Be aware of fireworks danger, but enjoy the show

Andrew Yianne, Capital High School
Fireworks light up the Charleston sky during the city's Fourth of July fireworks display, held July 3. Hundreds gathered to see the show, despite the threat of rain.
Andrew Yianne, Capital High School
In addition to the city's display on Wednesday, Appalachian Power Park also had fireworks Thursday and Friday.
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Fireworks are often used in the summer because of the pleasant weather. Whether they're released along the Kanawha River or elsewhere, people will almost always find a way to watch them.Though fireworks beautifully light up the night sky, they can often be hazardous. Things can go wrong in the process of lighting and releasing them. People can get hurt.George Washington High School sophomore Elizabeth Long loves fireworks but is aware of their dangers."I do think fireworks can be dangerous, but only if the people handling them are not correctly trained," she said. "It's not the fireworks that are exactly dangerous. It's the chemicals/substances mixed together to make them.
"I do think that people should know that although they make some fireworks like sparklers and poppers that are easy to use and not exactly dangerous [and are legal to use privately], they can also be dangerous if not used correctly.""We should be educated about the dangers of fireworks because there are a lot of people that just mess around with them," said George Washington sophomore Blair Hanna. "We should take serious precautions when it comes to fireworks."Though there are hazards of setting off fireworks, they're a stunning way to get quite a few people excited for holidays or events. Both Long and Hanna said they love fireworks and think they're fun.Fireworks are most often used on New Year's Eve and Independence Day. In Charleston, they're used for many more events, too, such as Symphony Sunday and the recent West Virginia Sesquicentennial Celebration. Appalachian Power Park has fireworks after most Friday home games. Although fireworks shows can cost an arm and a leg to put on, the results are almost always priceless. Fireworks tend to bring people together, which is probably one reason they're such a big deal.
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