Meet Michaela Moss: Riverside sophomore class president

Aaliyah Jones, Riverside High Schol
Michaela Moss is the Riverside High School sophomore class president.
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- One of the most active clubs at Riverside High School is student council. Student council meets every Monday after school to discuss school events that need planned and created.For each grade, there is a class president and vice president. For the freshmen, it's president BrookSanna Burke and vice president Emily Keenan. For the sophomores, it's president Michaela Moss and vice president Kaitlyn McClure. For the juniors, it's president Ethan Higganbotham and vice president Evan Strickland. Lastly, for the seniors, it's president Rachel Daw and vice president Krislyn Holden.The student body president is Taylor Ingram. She represents the whole school and speaks on behalf of all of us. She also leads most of our pep assemblies.Rachel Daw is also the student body vice president, and Emily Igo is the historian. Kathy Morris is the teacher sponsor.As sophomore class president, Michaela Moss oversees everything for the graduating class of 2016. She was elected into office at the end of our freshman year.Moss attends all the student council meetings and gives input into what she thinks could help our class the most. She also provides ideas and suggestions to help our whole student body. Plus, she helps plan assemblies and with decorating for any event that it's necessary.
"I feel honored to be president of my class this year. It is a huge responsibility and very time consuming. I feel privileged to have people trust me to hold such a prestigious position," she said.So far this year, Moss and the rest of the council have planned many things, including homecoming. From the pep rally to game day, many students love participating in homecoming. At Riverside, the dress-up days are very popular. This year, the council selected Monochromatic, Fancy Pants, Fake an Injury, Twin and Warriors Gone Wild days. "Oh gosh, there is just so much!" Moss gushed when asked her favorite part of student council. "My favorite part would have to be picking out the crown for the winner of Miss Riverside. That is the part that one special girl will be showing her kids 30 years from now."The student council comes together as one big family to contribute to the school and make it a better place -- or at least create things for everyone to look forward to. Riverside's student council is there to help others enjoy their school experience."My favorite part of student council is feeling as though I am making a difference and knowing my opinions do matter," said Moss.
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