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Riverside QB works hard on field and off

Aaliyah Jones, Riverside High Schol
Cole Sigman is the first sophomore in Riverside High School history to be first-string quarterback.
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- At Riverside, our football team is just like a family. They are all very close and there for each other. One player who is a strong part of that family is sophomore William "Cole" Sigman.Sigman has been playing football since he was 7 years old. He used to play wide receiver and began playing quarterback -- his favorite position -- in middle school. Now, he is a free safety as well as Riverside's first-string quarterback. Sigman isn't just smart on the field (calling plays), but also off. He is one of the top sophomores academically at Riverside, taking multiple honors classes and maintaining good grades in them.Though football is his favorite sport to play, Sigman also loves playing basketball during the football off-season. He ran track in middle school, too.Going from the junior varsity team as a freshman to varsity this year wasn't an easy transition. Last year, the pressure wasn't as harshly applied to him. This year, even though the wins haven't been plentiful for the Warriors, Sigman has had a lot of pressure on him as quarterback.
And Sigman isn't just any quarterback. He's the first sophomore in school history to be first-string quarterback. "I feel like I earned it because I worked all off-season," he said. "I also think it is an amazing opportunity to be a starter as a tenth grader and also hope for the starting position for the next two years."Playing quarterback is a great chance for scholarships, and possibly a full college ride. Sigman is mindful of scouts that may be watching him play every now and then, and hopefully he will attend a college that can help advance his strengths."I hope I can start the rest of my high school career, then eventually play Division I football as a starter," he said. "The NFL is my dream, of course."The future for Sigman is very bright. In the homecoming game Oct. 4, he led the team to its first victory of the season, over the St. Albans Red Dragons. Cole Sigman definitely will be one to watch come his senior year in 2016."I have had a lot of help from coaches, but the three I thank the most would have to be Jimmy Clark, Donnie 'Blue' Jones and Steve Freeman." Sigman said.
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