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Pro: hunting helpful to humans in a number of ways

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- According to a 2012 survey by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, hunting is continuing to grow in popularity in America, and that's a good thing because when you think about it, hunting is important for multiple reasons. Hunting supplies food, gives revenue to the state and local businesses, keeps animal populations under control and is a chance for bonding time for families.When it comes to food, some people may not be able to afford to buy groceries every week or even once a month, so hunting provides an alternative food supply. The animals' meat, depending on the size of the animal, would be able to feed the family for a while.Hunting also gives revenue to the state and to local businesses. Hunters buy their hunting licenses, which gives revenue to the state. Then, those hunters have to buy clothing and supplies, which give revenue to local businesses. Those businesses will then be able to buy more supplies to stock up for future generations.
Hunting is a great way of keeping animal populations under control, too. Without it, there would be more animals than people in the world. Those animals would need something to eat, so they would begin eating gardens, which, in turn, would make those people who planted them go hungry. Also, simply traveling down the road would become a dangerous task with the animals darting into the road in search of food.Hunting is even a chance for family bonding. When most hunters go out, they usually take a family member with them, whether it is their child, sibling or another relative. The older hunter will teach the younger one everything that he or she knows, and then that young hunter will teach younger ones and so on. Hunting is also a fun, easy way of teaching gun safety.Even though you don't think about it, hunting is everywhere. When you go to the store to buy beef, ham, turkey, chicken or other types of meat, where do you think it comes from? That meat was once a living, breathing animal until it was killed and sent to the grocery store. However, this type of killing is different than regular hunting in the sense that these animals don't have a chance to run since they're locked up.Before you begin judging hunters and their sport, stop and think about what would happen if they actually stopped doing what they loved.
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