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Some things to think about before getting your driver's license

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- There are so many different advantages and disadvantages to driving, especially when you're a teen. So, should you wait to get your license and learner's permit or get it as soon as you become of age?There are many reasons to wait, one being not having a car. If you don't have a car to drive, then having a license is worthless. If you are thinking about getting your license, you may want to factor this into your decision.If you do have a car, another thing to consider is if you can afford it. In addition to paying for gas, you may have to pay for car payments and insurance.Also, the more people drive, the more accidents tend to happen. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, teen driving deaths had dropped for many years, reaching all-time lows in 2010, but they've begun to increase again since then. You want to make sure you feel you can drive safely when you go to get your license.
Peer pressure causes teens to feel the need to get a license, too, even if they don't feel comfortable getting behind the wheel yet. Driving shouldn't be something you need to do to fit in. If you don't want to or feel comfortable driving, that is reason enough to not drive.On the other hand, there are many great reasons to start driving! To be able to travel, to learn responsibility or just because you want to are some of the things you may want think about when you decide whether or not you want to get your license.When you have working parents or if your family lives a busy lifestyle, driving could ease the push on people to drive you where you need to be. It could also increase your chances on being on time to things if you don't have to rely on someone else to be ready to take you.Driving can also increase responsibility in teens. If teens are paying for their own car and/or gas, they have to learn how to save and spend money correctly. They would also have to find a way to earn the money. It gets them prepared for the world outside of high school.Being interested in and wanting to drive are probably the best reasons to drive. The Interstate Highway System is a complex system that is truly interesting, and the way you can travel long distances in short amounts of time is a really great invention. Wanting to be part of that system is enough of a reason to drive.
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