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'ARTPOP' app a potential treat for Lady Gaga fans

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In addition to the "ARTPOP" album, Lady Gaga also released an ARTPOP app on Monday.
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- In addition to releasing her third studio album "ARTPOP" on Monday (read my thoughts on it here), Lady Gaga has also launched a free companion app of the same name on both Apple and Android devices.The app is strictly for hardcore fans -- especially because of its whopping file size of 381 MB on Apple and 447 MB on Android. That said, if you are a hardcore fan, then you should find something to like about this app, even if it's still in "phase one."When you first launch "ARTPOP," you're greeted by an AI assistant named Petga, who helps you find your aura (inspired by the song of the same name on the album) by taking your picture and having you select answers to questions, which range from personality characteristics to which lyrics from the album you identify with the most.
Once your aura is made, you're free to use the app. Right now, the only sections you can launch are ARTPOP and ArtHaus, with Trakstar and GagaTV being unlocked April 1.When you validate your album purchase, you can listen to it through the ARTPOP section, and if you're registered on Gaga's official fansite,, you can sync your profile and chat with other fans.ArtHaus, meanwhile, is the main reason Gaga fans will want to download the app. It offers you the tools to make 3D GIFs (with a ton of options to choose from) and upload them to the app and a social media site of your choice. My work with ArtHaus has been terrible, though more artfully-skilled users have uploaded some creations that are as impressive as they are trippy.Depending on how much time you want to invest in it, ArtHaus is a great way for Little Monsters to show off their creative sides to each other. You're also free to browse through most recent or most popular creations, and you can look at the creations that Gaga herself has seen. There's not much to do with the app right now, but if it keeps moving at a steady pace, by the time April 1 rolls around and its final two features are unlocked, it could be a great way for Gaga fans to connect and express themselves. At the moment, though, it feels more like a toy than the combination of "art, music, fashion, and technology" Gaga has proclaimed it to be.
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