Don't freak out over finals!

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Finals are coming up, and you're stressed. That B you have in English right now could easily turn into a D if you don't play your cards right, but don't worry because here are a few tips to help get you through finals.To start, do not procrastinate. You will just regret it later. Putting off studying to do something else is never worth it. Once finals are over, you can do something fun to reward yourself for having stayed on track and focused on what is important.In fact, begin studying one month prior to the test. Never try to cram material in your head the day before. Set time out each week to do nothing but study.Also, you should try to clarify with your teachers what their tests are going to cover. Ask them as many questions as they will answer. Try to find out what each test's format is, what sections or chapters it will cover and the amount of time it will take. These three things will help you know what to study.When you study, spend more time on the subjects that give you the most trouble. You need to put your time where it matters most; studying equal amounts won't help you if you know the material better for one test than another.
Make an outline of what you need to know for each test, and highlight the material you are unsure of. This can be a great resource to let you know what you do and don't know and what to focus your time on.You'll want to take a five-minute study break every hour to relax your brain. Taking short breaks can trick your mind into letting you study longer amounts of time.Do jumping jacks, get a quick snack or turn up a song and dance. Don't get too distracted, though, because you need to get back to the books when you're done.The night before the test get at least eight hours of sleep. In the morning, grab a healthy breakfast. Be sure you get to school early, and make sure you get to class on time. You definitely do not want to miss the test!Finally, when the test begins, just relax. You studied hard for the exam; now you just have to take it.
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