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Have a happy, healthy holiday

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Since 2013 is almost over, many people soon will begin thinking about their New Year's resolutions. But why wait until January to start a healthy lifestyle?The holiday season is typically associated with yummy (and unhealthy) foods and sitting on a couch watching Christmas movies and football games. However, it is not that hard to have a healthy holiday season this year. These simple tips will help you stay healthy and happy during the most wonderful time of the year.1. Swap out holiday staples with even yummier, healthier foodsThough this may seem hard, it is actually easier than you think. My favorite food swap is sweet potatoes for regular potatoes. Sweet potatoes are not only sweet and delicious, but they also have lots of vitamins and nutrients.Sweet treats are typical of the holidays, and the best dessert to have is pumpkin pie. Take your Thanksgiving cookbook back out and make this vitamin-filled, low-calorie pie. Your whole family can cook together; it's so much fun, and anything homemade tastes better and is more nutritious than something store-bought!2. Help out around the house
When it comes to working out during the winter, there aren't many things you can do outside, so stay active by doing things around your house. Whether you are bringing your Christmas tree ornaments down from the attic or helping carry in groceries, you will be burning calories and staying active.3. Get lots of restIt is important for every person to get a healthy amount of sleep, and that's no different during the holiday season. Make sure you are getting rested up for the busy and eventful days that come with this time of year.4. Use a salad plate for dinnerUsing a smaller salad plate will help control the amount of food you eat. Filling a small plate takes about 3/4 the amount of food that would fill a larger plate. Eating the entirety of a plate, even though it is smaller, will trick your brain into thinking you are full. This is an easy trick to eat less during your dinners and parties.5. Keep the germs awayWinter is cold season, and who wants to be sick when celebrating with family and friends? Make sure you wash your hands often and drink lots of water to help prevent yourself from getting sick this holiday season.
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