How to survive Valentine's Day when you're single

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Being single on Valentine's Day doesn't sound like much of a plan, right? Most singles see Valentine's Day as just another day for happy couples to rub their relationships in singles' faces. Some like to stay in that night, avoiding being social or being on social media.This can be a good night for all single teens to embrace, though. When that dreaded day rolls around, have a plan and follow these tips for some fun.One idea to make the day better is to wake up that morning and put on some clothes that make you feel good and look even better. Outfits can give you a new outlook on the day, and they can also attract new attention you maybe weren't expecting. Also, why not try out that new hairstyle or makeup you've been dying to show off?If you have a group of single friends that are bummed about the upcoming holiday, too, you can try out something new as a group. Go to a new restaurant, or head to your favorite one and try something you haven't had before.If you haven't been to Qdoba at Charleston Town Center, try out all the flavor and choices they have to offer there. Then, your group can go shopping and visit stores you never thought you would like to buy some new clothes or test a new look.
Plus, don't forget that the movies are always open. The new action-packed "RoboCop" hits theaters that day, as do the love stories "About Last Night," "Winter's Tale" and "Endless Love." Even some comedies will still be in theaters,  so you can laugh off all those thoughts off a bad V-Day. After all, it's always better to have a group of friends to share your laughs with.If you go to Marquee Cinemas and are looking for more fun after the movies, Grand Prix is right there awaiting you and your friends. It's open on Fridays from noon to midnight.There, you can have plenty of fun and stay upbeat. From old-school arcades to virtual jump rope, Grand Prix has all your arcade gaming needs. Then you can enjoy an electrifying game of laser tag with your friends. When your ready to really race, head down to the track for a lap in a go-kart.After running around and playing games, you can take a quick break and enjoy some pizza or even wings in the snack area. Before you cash in all your tickets for prizes to end your night, take a lap around the roller skating arena.Even if you're single, don't stay in and be a boring Betsy this Valentine's Day! Go out, be yourself and enjoy life. Don't fret about not having a valentine; one day you will, but until then, be happy being single.
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