PRO: school prayer should be a personal choice

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Something people never really think about in school is the problem of school prayer. Prayer in school is considered unconstitutional and is not permitted. At least, organized prayer, that is.Truly, though, school prayer has been occurring ever since hard math tests. A simple plea to God asking for a passing grade happens every day in today's society of standardized tests and writing assessments.True, this type of religious activity isn't including the masses, but if you do happen to speak aloud, some people may ask you to cease. Singing praises at church may be encouraged, but as many see it, if you do it at school, you may be classified as forcing your beliefs on others.Prayer should actually be allowed in school, as I see it. Think about social studies class when everyone learned about different religions. Remember the Muslim requirements of traveling to Mecca and praying five times a day? They are allowed to stow away in a secret space and pray while at school.At Charleston Catholic, the students attend religion classes. The trouble with that is some students aren't actually Catholic.Some may consider these classes to be forced beliefs, which, of course, is unconstitutional. Although private schools are exempt from some requirements, everyone must abide by the Constitution of the United States.
School prayer should most definitely be allowed, seeing as it already occurs. Why just stop now and suddenly protest? These prayers don't have to be aloud, written or with a group. They are just a little something to help you get through the day.Even though some religions do not believe in one God (or any at all), let them live their lives. If they want to pray to their gods or not pray at all, don't criticize them. All people have their own way of life.School prayer could influence a person, but this action could easily be ignored, too. Exposing a person to a certain religion could cause an interest in church, and that person could meet their soulmate via a church function.Personally, I see nothing wrong with school prayer. So many wonderful things can result from this action.Mainly, school prayer should be allowed because we shouldn't let biased people control the issue. One religion (or none) should not be held over another with greater authority. We the people should most definitely be allowed to pray in school.And just asking: have you ever prayed for a better grade on a test?
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